High Voltage Switchgear

High Voltage Switchgear

We offer to our client high voltage switch gear as per the requirement & specification of clients needs . These switch gear have heay application in the elctrical industries .

Air Insulated Switchgear

To improve quality of operations we offer Disconnecting Circuit Breakers (DCB) that are based on standard LTB circuit breakers. It has been conceptualized taking LTB as a platform and it truly compliments the basic version of LTB breakers that are primarily designed for conventional substation solution. The inclusion of DCB facilitates the breaker with a disconnecting feature that fulfills dual requirements at once. One of the disconnector and majorly for the circuit breaker as well.

Control and Relay Panels

Control panel and relay panels are meant to improve energy efficiency through improvement of power factors.

Our array of control and relay panels include the following:

  • Duplex control and relay board
  • Swing type synchronizing panels
  • Synchronized trolley
  • Simplex relay panel
  • Outdoor marshalling kiosk
  • Control desk & Junction box
Instrument Transformers

An instrument transformer’s role is to provide accurate inputs to protection, control and metering systems including revenue metering.

The main tasks of instrument transformers are:

  • To transform currents or voltages from a usually high value to a value easy to handle for relays and instruments.
  • To insulate the metering circuit from the primary high voltage system.
  • To provide possibilities of standardizing the instruments and relays to a few rated currents and voltages.

Voltage Switchgear

with Auto-Puffer for outdoor installation LTB D is operated by a motor-charged spring operating mechanism type BLK or FSA, or by the digital servomotor-system, Motor Drive. The energy required for interrupting short-circuit current is partly taken from the arc itself, thereby reducing the energy required from the operating mechanism to less than 50 percent compared to a conventional SF6 puffer-type circuit breaker. The low energy requirements result in reduced stresses, which in turn lead to increased reliability.

  • Can be equipped with Switchsync Controller for elimination of transients
  • Equipment for safer handling of SF6 gas
  • Composite insulators
  • Grey insulators
  • Withdrawable design
  • Extended creepage distance across insulators
  • Bracket for installation of current transformer type IMB
  • Bursting discs
Transformer Bushings

About product

Voltage 24kV--1000kV

Current Up to 3150A Standard IEC 137 GB4109

  • Housing. Oil tank and flange are aluminum casting
  • Electrode embedded in the epoxy resin tube –avoids external shielding –reduces distance to ground
  • Porcelain cemented into flange provides higher mechanical strength
  • Available with porcelain or composite insulator on air side
  • Inclination in service up to 40°from vertical
  • Horizontal transport for all types possible