AVR / Static Excitation System

AVR / Static Excitation System

We also deal in providing AVR / static excitation system.

AVR & Static Excitation System

UNITROL 6000 is ABB’s latest generation of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) and Static Excitation Systems (SES). Its smaller version UNITROL 6080 is a compact and cost efficient solution. The proven pre-engineered building blocks ensure continuous high quality combined with short delivery times.

UNITROL 6080 AVRs application range

UNITROL 6080 AVR systems are PowerPC®-based (64 bit floating point CPU) voltage regulators from small to large synchronous generators / motors equipped with exciter machines.

50…480 Hz AC source supplied Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) family for exciter machines with field currents up to 400 ADC at up to 500 VAC supply voltage

  • single-phase supply up to rated field currents of 60 ADC with full wave controlled single- phase (2 pulse) thyristor bridge
  • 3-phase supply up to rated field currents of 400 ADC with fully controlled 3-phase (6 pulse) thyristor bridge
UNITROL 6080 AVRs are fully configurable in terms of
  • redundancy (single / double channel control configuration; additional back-up controller on request) including on-line maintenance
  • supply scheme
  • control sequence, channel transfer and monitoring options