Switch Board

Switch Board
We provide different types of switch boards. switchboards we offer are highly resistant to vibration, moisture and temperature.
Distribution Board

We offer distribution boards for the basic requirement of electricians with various installation procedures. It ensures a strong cabinets for surface mountings, flush and partly recessed application. Different and changing distribution assemblies, quick and secure planning and installations are made easier as result of the combination of these cabinets with the hi-tech panel system. For automation needs we also provide Mounting Plate versions.

LV Panels
Low Voltage Switchgear

World-wide, standardised, common line product engineering ensures best-in-class delivery of low voltage power distribution and motor control systems

Intelligence in switchgear

In today's world, users increasingly prefer intelligent motor control centre solutions, enabling them to harvest the benefits that digital systems provide in all stages of the life-cycle.

Quality engineering and results

Our engineering expertise will help you to cost-effectively design or retrofit systems tailored to your demands. We pay particular attention to quality, reliability and personnel safety. With manufacturing units in 30 countries, ABB is your global partner acting locally. We provide you with reliable and quality switchgear for all your power distribution and motor control needs.

Product range

Our products range from the fully intelligent, engineered and custom tailored PCC and MCC, over control cabinets to terminal boxes and marshalling cubicles.