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The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Tamilnadu is a voluntary organization, representing the entire spectrum of the modern allopathic medicine and its specialties in our State. The organization was started in the year 1940, by a band of dedicated doctors who ever deeply committed in upholding the dignity of the medical profession and also in the improvement of the quality of the medical service to the people of Tamilnadu especially to the poor. The doctors hailing from Chennai City, (formerly Madras) and from the rural districts of Tiruchirappalli, Coimbatore, Vellore, Salem and Tirunelveli, took an active part in building up the Tamilnadu IMA. Several State Presidents and Secretaries of IMA TNSB belonged to these districts. Today the IMA has branches in all the towns of Tamilnadu and it has a vast membership representing all the specialities of Modern Medicine. The IMA TNSB is affiliated to the IMA Head Quarters, New Delhi.

Activities of IMA Tamilnadu
The different wings of IMA Tamilnadu are functioning effectively to the satisfaction of the members. The branch members of IMA are always in the forefront, in serving the public of Tamilnadu in various ways. They are conducting community service through free general health Diabetic detection camps, Blood donation camps, Eye Camps, etc. regularly in rural and semi-urban areas. IMA is also helping the Tamilnadu Government in the implementation of their health programmes.

The IMA Tamilnadu has won the appreciation recently from World Heal Organization (WHO) for the assistance given for the success of the Revised National Tuberculosis control Programme (RNTCP) from Dr. Wares and Dr. R. Reuben Garnish of Regional Officer of WHO for the South East Asia at New Delhi. IMA Tamilnadu is also taking active part in the National AIDS Control, Filaria Control and other health programmes actively.

Challenges before IMA Tamilnadu State

Tamilnadu IMA, today is facing several challenges and problems. The members are facing many risks and hazards every day, due to various reasons, Physical attacks on doctors are taking place in different places of the State Commercialization of medical education and lack of employment opportunity to the newly passed out MBBS graduates are causing lot of anxiety to the medical professionals. The Nursing Homes are also facing several problems such as shortage of qualified Nurses, high electricity tariff, etc. Tamilnadu IMA is discharging its duties with sincerity and devotion to its members. It is also acting as a watchdog on behalf of the society for the moral and ethical practice of medicine.,


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