ELIZEBETH ( Educationist )

  • Chennai based educationist with an appealing career graph of being a i.teacher(6 years)
  • Co ordinator (3 years)and most importantly on the Hot Seat (principal) for 11 years in State,Matric and CBSE schools of South India: welcomes you to this site.

An effective listening , crisp communication, a wide spectrum of administrative knowledge, a potentiality to strengthen or build a team and a learning mind are the wealthy assets i have gained through my experience.

Experience in educational sector for a two decade of years designed me to sketch year plan, execute the curriculum with ease, transform the contemporary challenges into working platform, creating a lively class room, how to have a stress free environment to inculcate and to impart knowledge and so on.....

I have decided hence,
to facilitate the learning as interesting as watching TV, to kindle the fire of exploring books after books to gain knowledge as easy as playing a virtual game, build eagerness to impart knowledge and certainly guide parents in creating a congenial atmosphere for their children to study at home ......

At the end of the session one shall be enriched with wisdom and ability of a seasoned academic leader


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